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Monday, 24 December 2007

Thank you all for the support and care I receive. If I didn't have you around I wouldn't feel with courage to keep on singing Fado with all my heart and all the truth.

May all of you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderfull 2008!!!

With care,


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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

To start my new artistic year, in January 5th 2008 I will be performing at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (Ancient Art National Museum), in Lisboa, at 19h00.

I was challenged by the Group of Friends of the Museum, that needing help from others, seek founds for their activities that have direct connection with the program of the museum, also giving financial support for recovery as it was recently the recovery of the Albertas' Chapel, which is part of the building.

The concert is totally offered by all the team, me, my musicians and my technicians, in an effort to contribute to the higher success of this initiative of the Group of Friends of MNAA.

Everyone that comes to the concert will have the opportunity from 18h00 to visit the remarkable exposition "The Oriental Carpet in Portugal", that will end exactly on January 6th.

To buy the tickets you may go to the Museum or make a reservation through the phone number +351 91 941 70 07.

I hope to meet you there.

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Friday, 14 December 2007
It was in Paris, last December 6Th that I sang for the first time in french. The concert took place in the beautiful Commerce and Industry Chamber of the "city of light" by invitation from Mr Simon, the President of the institution. Mr Simon went to  the concert I offered in the portuguese embassy of Paris on the past April, and, told by himself, was impressed by what he assisted, insisting then that I should be in the next event organized by him to the 200 most important entrepreneurs of France. As his kindness is enormous he promoted the event also to celebrate the end of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, inviting me in this context.

I felt naturally honored with the gentleness and prepared a theme in french specially to this occasion. I chose the music called "Lisboa" form Charles Aznavour, that I didn't know until I made a research. First I thought to sing the eternal "Ai, Mourrir pour Toi" that Aznavour wrote specially to Amalia Rodrigues, but then I found this homage to Lisboa, with a beautiful poem and a melody almost fadista. Before I went to the stage, I must confess, the anxiety grew and for some moments I couldn't remember one single phrase of the poem, but as I started to sing it everything came and I tried to give my best. I was quite appreciated.

Why did I do this? For the simple fact that I feel cherished by the french public that has been asking this gesture from me. They receive so warm-fully fado in portuguese, and why not sing a song in which they can also understand the words beside all the feeling I put when I sing? Soon I will start offering this music to the french public and I will see how they react.

Here is the poem of LISBOA:

Ma ville en bord de mer tu t'accroches à mes basques
Quand je dois m'en aller vers d'autres horizons
J'ai, en ta compagnie, fait un peu trop de frasques
Le moment est venu de payer l'addition.
Terre de mes amours de jeunesse immature
A vingt ans je croyais que tout m'était permis
Je ne fus pas toujours blanc bleu en aventures
Quand on est jeune et fou, on veut brûler ses nuits

Lisboa je pars
Sans but, au loin et au hasard
De port en port, de gare en gare
Pour effacer les cris stridents de ma mémoire
Et tenter un nouveau départ
Je pars

Lisboa je fuis
Vers l'incertain, vers l'infini
Vers des ailleurs chercher l'oubli
Comme un fuyard traqué, comme un proscrit.
J'ai gâché l'amour et détruit
Ma vie

Ma ville tu m'angoisses et mon coeur se déchire
Que tu vas me manquer, là-bas, dans mon exil.
Reviendrai-je jamais, mon Dieu, qui peut prédire
Pourrai-je, loin de toi, vaincre tous les périls ?
Ville de mes émois, mi-mère et mi-maîtresse
D'espoir en désespoir tu as forgé mes jours.
J'ai les yeux pleins de larmes et le coeur en détresse
Sachant que je m'en vais peut-être pour toujours

Je ne marcherai plus tout au long de la rade
Au bras de mon amour, heureux et coeur battant
Frimant à ses côtés à m'en rendre malade
Fier de son teint hâlé et de son corps troublant.
J'ai piétiné ses rêves sans raison ni cause
Elle, désabusée, a mis fin à ses jours.
De remords en regrets j'ai appris une chose
C'est quand l'amour n'est plus que l'on croit à l'amour

                                 Charles Aznavour

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